MMA Betting Tips

mma betting

Before you get started with MMA betting, there are a few tips that you should follow to make your first bets a success. To begin with, you should read up on the different fighting styles, stance, and reach. Once you have a good grasp of these three categories, you’ll be ready to start placing your bets. After all, you want to make sure that your picks are well-informed.

Fighting styles

When deciding which fighters to bet on, fighting styles are an important factor. Some fighters are grapplers while others prefer direct combat. While some MMA fighters can get the best of a player with a single blow, some may need to develop their striking skills. In general, bettors prefer the fighters who can control their opponents. Here are some of the styles that make for good MMA betting picks.


In professional boxing and the UFC, reach is a critical aspect of a fighter’s game. Fighters must stand with their arms parallel to the ground and form a 90-degree angle to their body. The measurements are taken from the tips of the middle fingers. If the fighter has a long reach, he will be at a significant advantage in striking. In MMA, however, reach is an entirely different matter.


Betting on MMA matches requires you to know the fighting style of both fighters. You can determine who will win by looking at their stance and fighting style. For instance, Southpaw fighters usually have higher odds than orthodox fighters, as they are less common. But a southpaw fighter’s stance might offer him an advantage over an orthodox fighter. That is why it is important to research fighters’ stances and the fluidity of their moves.

Method of Victory props

When betting on mixed martial arts fights, it is often advantageous to place a bet on the method of victory. The end result of a fight can be difficult to predict, but this bet offers a nice payout if it comes to your favor. You can find method of victory props in betting lines for Cory Sandhagen vs. Frankie Edgar. A “+” symbol will appear in the betting lines when you bet on these method of victory props.

Moneyline bets

There are several options available to players looking to place moneyline bets on MMA fights. Depending on the type of fight, you can choose between betting on a winner in the first round, a fighter to win in any round, or even both. Unlike moneyline bets, round bets are more specific. Instead of betting on a match to last a certain number of rounds, you’ll be betting on the end of each round. This type of wager is often the most lucrative if you’re betting on the fight to go the distance.


If you’re a fan of MMA, you may have heard of MMA betting parlays. These are bets that involve multiple matches, including bets on the fighters and fight outcomes. The more matches you choose, the higher your payout. But, the risk involved is considerable, and you should only use this betting strategy if you are an experienced punter. Below are some tips for making the most of your MMA betting parlays.


If you want to win big, you should always research before betting. The UFC doesn’t attract the same amount of betting interest as the NBA or NFL, but it still offers plenty of opportunities for savvy bettors. By researching the sport, you can learn about lucrative betting opportunities and increase your odds of winning. Typical MMA wagers include moneyline bets, round, and number of rounds. There are other types of UFC, as well.