It’s the time of year where bunnies are hopping up everywhere, and it’s understandable because they are just so dang cute! Today I’m showing you how to make a Mini Bunny Doll, a fun little Easter craft project that makes the perfect little Easter gift or decoration. Fun to make from just a few felt […] Read More

Printable Elephant Mask Craft

Make an easy paper elephant mask using our printable mask templates. Wear your adorable elephant mask for various animal-themed learning activities, parties and events. SUPPLIES NEEDED A4 or Letter size cardstock Crayons, colored pencils or any water-based paint (e.g. tempera or acrylic paint) Elastic string Scissors Hole punch Transparent tape Print out the mask template […] Read More


Don’t throw away your old mismatched Christmas tree baubles. I’ve got a great up cycling idea that will not only give your Christmas tree a new eco-friendly makeover, it will use up your leftover fabric scraps as well – Scrap Fabric Twine Recycled Christmas Ornaments! In the past I’ve sewn it into a mat, woven a chair seat with it, […] Read More

This Confetti Sheet Cake With Pastel Frosting

We’re not lying when we say this dessert is magical. The cake recipe is absurdly moist and tender. And the pastel frosting? It’s basically the silky smooth love child of Swiss meringue buttercream and whipped cream. Also, the icing is substantially less sweet than the traditional butter and icing sugar mixture, so you can eat more than […] Read More

Right Way to Prepare Couscous Recipe

Couscous is a staple of North African cuisine and it’s undeniably Morocco’s most recognized dish around the world — yet chances are that until now, you’ve been eating and serving it all wrong. The following is my mother’s recipe for seven-vegetable Moroccan couscous. She grew up in Casablanca and learned the traditional technique from her own mother. […] Read More

How to Brunch Like Big Food Bucket

There are really any better meal than brunch? Think about it. Not only does it give you the chance to sleep in a bit, but it’s the one time of day where a boozy mimosa or Caesar is perfectly acceptable, mixing salty, fatty foods like sausage and bacon with sweet French toast or pancakes is […] Read More

Amazing Tips For Visiting Malta.

I was born and raised in Malta. At the age of 27, I moved to Edinburgh. There are some things about Malta that I really miss – though there are a few other things I don’t miss at all – and I guess writing blog posts about my country is one way of dealing with […] Read More

South of Siracusa : What To See Plus The Best

Sea shores and outside There’s bounty to request on the coast, as well. South of Siracusa, Fontane Bianche has a sandy sea shore, and cafés, and a few elementary for outing supplies. Be that as it may, off the SS115 south of town is the thing that might be Sicily’s best sea shore: Spiaggia della […] Read More

Best Tips For Anyone Visiting Corsica For The First Time.

Although only around a two hour’s flight time from the UK, Corsica is a holiday destination which is still relatively unknown. Located south of France and just above Sardinia, it’s a small yet intriguing island, with everything from paradisiacal beaches to rugged mountains and a whole lot of history and culture in between. If you’re […] Read More

The Perfect Beach Escape In Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

Recently we spent 10 days relaxing in Ayia Napa, Cyprus and it was heaven. It was exactly what we’d hoped for and we left sunkissed, happy and 100% relaxed. It’s amazing what 30 degree days, salt water and sunshine can do for your soul! This said, we barely scratched the surface of everything Cyprus has […] Read More