Getting Active in Bern, Switzerland

Bern’s old town is UNESCO protected and the layout of its wide streets goes back to medieval times. It was founded in the 12th century on high ground, circled by a tight U-bend of the River Aare, making it easy to defend. The story goes that Berthold V, Duke of Zähringen declared that he would […] Read More

Travel Guide: 24 hours in Edinburgh

It might be the capital of Scotland, the home of vibrant festivals and the seat of Scottish power, but there’s something about the cold cobbles, the wind-battered stones, and the towering castle that make the hilly city of Edinburgh still feel like a haunted fortress atop an enchanted mountain. Tourists duck and dive under towering bridges, they […] Read More

Walking the Capital Ring, London

While the London Loop is the M25 of London walking, the Capital Ring is more like the North and South Circulars, passing through the inner boroughs, utilizing their green spaces. It’s easy to access by public transport and you can do it in sections, catching a bus or a tube if you feel tired. There’s […] Read More

Hiking Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain

The big surprise of Gran Canaria is how unspoiled it actually is but you’ll need to hire car to explore properly. Most tourist development is concentrated in the south and the interior is almost empty, populated by extinct volcanoes, rugged peaks rising almost 2000m, deep ravines, and indigenous pine and laurel forests. It’s been designated […] Read More

Alternative ways to enjoy Mallorca

In 2021 Sarah Drane described her favorite places to go to in Mallorca and offered some excellent recommendations. With travel due to open up later this and Mallorca being a long-established favorite of British travelers, Simon Maurice suggests some alternative goodies that UK visitors’ best-loved Balearic Island has to offer: Railway to Soller: Take the scenic route […] Read More


It’s the time of year where bunnies are hopping up everywhere, and it’s understandable because they are just so dang cute! Today I’m showing you how to make a Mini Bunny Doll, a fun little Easter craft project that makes the perfect little Easter gift or decoration. Fun to make from just a few felt […] Read More

Printable Elephant Mask Craft

Make an easy paper elephant mask using our printable mask templates. Wear your adorable elephant mask for various animal-themed learning activities, parties and events. SUPPLIES NEEDED A4 or Letter size cardstock Crayons, colored pencils or any water-based paint (e.g. tempera or acrylic paint) Elastic string Scissors Hole punch Transparent tape Print out the mask template […] Read More


Don’t throw away your old mismatched Christmas tree baubles. I’ve got a great up cycling idea that will not only give your Christmas tree a new eco-friendly makeover, it will use up your leftover fabric scraps as well – Scrap Fabric Twine Recycled Christmas Ornaments! In the past I’ve sewn it into a mat, woven a chair seat with it, […] Read More

This Confetti Sheet Cake With Pastel Frosting

We’re not lying when we say this dessert is magical. The cake recipe is absurdly moist and tender. And the pastel frosting? It’s basically the silky smooth love child of Swiss meringue buttercream and whipped cream. Also, the icing is substantially less sweet than the traditional butter and icing sugar mixture, so you can eat more than […] Read More

Right Way to Prepare Couscous Recipe

Couscous is a staple of North African cuisine and it’s undeniably Morocco’s most recognized dish around the world — yet chances are that until now, you’ve been eating and serving it all wrong. The following is my mother’s recipe for seven-vegetable Moroccan couscous. She grew up in Casablanca and learned the traditional technique from her own mother. […] Read More